Customer Engagement Overview

In my previous post, I Love My Customers, I discussed a new series I am going to write on customer engagement. That series is going to start by following this outline:

– Why is customer engagement important

– What is the difference between an interaction and an engagement

– How to engage with your customers

– How to apply customer engagement to your customer process

I quit my job on June 5, and took 2 weeks at the retreat I take every year in New Mexico. I’ve been back home for 2 weeks now. I have been doing some philanthropic work with Entreprenuer’s Foundation of Colorado, spending more time with my family, doing some internal inquiry into what I want to do next, and getting out rock climbing at least once a week. I have also been reaching out to folks I know and talking to lots of start up technology people on the Front Range about what’s going on with their companies and their customer engagement. Every time I talk about it, I learn something new.

I hope that writing this blog series provides a good overview that others can read, and provides an opportunity for me to learn something new about customer engagement.


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