Independence and Internet Freedom

I received a couple tweets from friends and colleagues that are supporting a newly proposed “Declaration of Internet Freedom“. This, and the fact that it is the day before Americans (of which I’m proudly one) celebrate our independence, led me to read the Declaration of Independence.¬†You can find the full text here, if you are interested in reading it yourself. It does not take long.

As we all know, there are many places in the world that do not enjoy the freedom that we have, which started with the Declaration of Independence, and was firmly set on it’s way with the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Many thanks to our Founding Fathers for doing that well, even though they did leave out some key factors, women being the most obvious.

There are several proposed laws being debated in congress that would prohibit our freedom when using the currently open internet. You can read about some of them in this previous blog post of mine. If you are inclined, please sign the Declaration of Internet Freedom.

Happy Independence Day!