The Circular Economy And Why You Should Care About It

CaptureDo you know what the circular economy is? It’s different than the linear economy. Linear economies operate with Take -> Make -> Waste. Circular economies operate with Reduce -> Reuse -> Recycle. This used to be hippie-talk. And I know, because I used to be a hippie (still am, I’m told). What was missing was well presented economic inquiry and answers about it.

That is what ING, a reputable global financial institution, has done with their new report Rethinking Finance in a Circular Economy. You don’t need to be an economist to read and understand it. The information is relevant and accessible to anyone who is interested in creating a world that can thrive with the increasing consumption of the growing human race. And anyone that wants to take economic advantage of it.

What makes this paper so good is the visual representation of information. You can scroll through reading headings, looking at pictures, perusing captions and learn a lot. Then dive into the paragraphs where you want more detail. Here is the link again:

I’ve really enjoyed it and thought it worth passing on.

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