Svengali Prayer Acapello in Front of Bagrati Cathedral

We had a very nice day visiting old churches today. And we got a special treat when a Svengali man (from the northern mountainous region of Georgia) took a liking to Steven and had his acapello singing troupe sing to us in front of the Bagrati Cathedral. Here is a picture of the cathedral followed by a video of the song. If you can imagine being under the front arch that you can see in the picture, listening to these men singing from the heart – it was amazing!



2 thoughts on “Svengali Prayer Acapello in Front of Bagrati Cathedral

  1. This is such a sweet gift they gave you.. The cathedral is beautiful and the weather looks wonderful!
    It reminds me of a time when I arrived in Savannah Georgia late at night and wandered off one of the squares into a small catholic there. At midnight exactly in the balcony a small choir began to chant accappella.. An eerie mysterious medieval sound. It was stunning.. I found out later that they have been doing the same chant in that same church every midnight for over 100 years.
    I am so enjoying this trip with you

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