@SeedPaths – Tech Training for Multiple Learning Styles is Good for Society

Screen Shot 2014-08-10 at 7.18.09 PMSeedPaths is an awesome organization in Denver that offers technical and professional development skill tracks to young adults who don’t learn well in the traditional learning model of today’s society. The students have either no or very little college education. The American academic system is just that – academic. And it doesn’t work for everyone.

Along with my colleague Jeffrey Laner, I am honored to be a regular facilitator in the SeedPaths program – conducting a training in the professional development track called Say It Straight. It is a communication course that helps prepare the students for the interpersonal and organizational stresses that are inherent in all organizations. I have witnessed first-hand how well this program does at improving the lives of the students. I think this statement from the website says a lot:

89% of graduates who sought employment secured an opportunity within 90 days of graduating and enjoyed a 460% increase in pay.

The success of this program and their students signifies that society is tearing down stereotype barriers. It shows that employers are embracing the idea that an organization can better serve its customers if the employees within are representative of the entire customer base, even if not everyone in the company resembles the leaders. The more successful we can make all learning styles in society, the more successful our society will be as a whole.

Good for SeedPaths. Good for society.

If you know someone who could benefit from the program, a new cohort starts every 8 – 10 weeks. Send them to http://www.seedpaths.org to learn more. And feel free to give them my information: josh@forman-consulting.com.

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