Forman Consulting Re-Launch

In May, I left ILANTUS full-time and started a consulting practice. My ideas around “the intersection of customers and technology” are growing and I’m working on a written intro to the new train of thought, and have put it below. If you have any feedback, please let me know.

The Forman Consulting mission is to drive penetration of technology products into customer organizations. Sales creates first impact with the customer, but that is only the beginning of the lifelong sales process. Once the sale is made, the product must be continually resold to drive product value further into the customer organization.

More customer stakeholders using more of the product is the goal. This will drive expanded sales and ingrain your product in the organizational business processes. The deeper the product is driven, the more the value is realized, and the harder the product is to remove.

A process has been defined to achieve this goal. The four basic steps of the process are:

  1. Identify Customer Stakeholders
  2. Determine Stakeholder Current State
  3. Educate on Product Capabilities
  4. Build Future State using Product

By following this methodology, you can get more of your customer stakeholders using more product and help them build better processes using your technology so that it would be detrimental to remove it.

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