Turning Into The Skid


When there is a problem that needs to be dealt with – it helps to think of turning into the problem to solve it. This works in all cases as far as I can tell, and is especially helpful with more systemic issues.

The metaphor to keep in mind is that when you are driving, and your car starts to skid, what you do not do is steer the car away from the skid. What you do is to turn into the skid – steer the car into the direction of what is causing you to be out of control. If you look closely at the picture on the right, you can see that is exactly what the driver is doing – turning the front wheels into the direction the back of the car is skidding.

Now translate that metaphor to a work, family, or personal issue you are dealing with. Think of turning into the problem, rather than steering away from it. Hopefully this gives you a new picture of how you can cope with, and ultimately solve, a persistent challenge in your life.

For example, at ILANTUS, the Identity Management market is in the middle of mass disruption – cloud, mobile, and social are changing the way employee, customers, and partners are accessing information to do their jobs. ILANTUS has recently made a concerted effort to turn into the skid – we have initiated a “Transformation Program”, to see how we can take advantage of these emerging trends, rather than trying to get the business to move in the same direction it has been the past five years, and resist the changes.

Much appreciation to my teacher, Steven Young, who used this metaphor during a workshop I helped him facilitate in February, to assist someone through a difficult challenge in their life.

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  1. great symbolism here, josh! how applicable this concept is to all areas of our lives. reminds me of the concept that we shouldnt hide from our fears, but rather address them head-on… it’s the same principle, although your post is more about strategy than metaphor. thanks for the contribution!

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