Helping Our Customers Do More with Less

Customers are demanding more value from their service providers. Gone are the days when you can charge an extra X thousands of dollars for every new thing and change they want. Companies are watching costs like never before. How else do we get the Dow breaking 16,000 and the economy growing at less than 2% per year and so many people still out of work? You hear it on the news all the time – companies are becoming more efficient, they are doing more with less. I just heard it on NPR again yesterday.

At ILANTUS, we support our customers doing just that – more with less. We guarantee the amount of labor they will have to spend to meet a given set of functionality. We also provide 24×7 support of their systems for a fixed fee. They don’t have budget to pay for every thing they want to do, so they are finding new ways to do things. We need to support our customers need to do more with the limited budgets they have. We can’t give our services away for free, but we do need to think of how we can help them do more with less. In this way, we build a long term relationship that will almost certainly lead to more sales for us in the future, when the only way to do more with less is to hire a partner to help.

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