At Last – Yoga in India

After 16 years of practicing yoga, quite diligently at times, I have had my first practice in India. I arrived in Bangalore at 1 AM on Tuesday morning. First I practiced relational yoga all day at my company’s Bangalore office. And this morning, a solo physical/meditative practice.

I haven’t written many posts lately – this is my first for 2013. I started a new job that has been an all encompassing endeavor. I am the VP Services for an identity management “next generation systems integrator”, as we like to call ourselves – and we are living up to that calling.

We have an office in Bangalore, and two-thirds of my team work here. I run the Delivery Services group – responsible for the successful delivery of our one-time project based work. Over the twelve years we have been in business, we developed some of our own intellectual property, and just this year started to market and sell those products. I provide a lot of strategy and planning to that end of the business as well.

I addressed the entire office (about 75 people) with what I’m doing at ILANTUS (the company I now work for). Our goal is to meet the demands of the American business technology consumer. The strategies we will follow to achieve this are: 1. Increase Quality, 2. Become a Learning Organization (learn from what we’ve done before and each other), 3. Execute in Smaller Batches with Shorter Cycles.

Quality for us has two components – technical quality and interactional quality.  To get to interactional quality – increased flow and understanding of information between employees, our customers, and our partners – we are focusing on how we can execute in Smaller Batches with Shorter Cycles. This creates more feedback, and gives the opportunity for adjustments / improvements in how we interact and what we are doing.

And when I’m talking about interactional quality in the workplace, there is more than a good chance that the lessons will be extrapolated into other aspects of our employees’ lives. It’s all about making the world a better place. And that too, is what yoga is about.

Which brings me to this morning – it’s Wednesday morning in India as I write this. I was awake at 5 (I can thank jetlag for that). I took a walk around downtown Bangalore. I got back to the hotel and found the eighth floor gym, with wonderful views of the city and surrounding mountains. No one was there. A yoga mat was folded on a large wicker basket. I accepted the invitation and had absolutely delightful yoga in India.

4 thoughts on “At Last – Yoga in India

  1. thanks ,josh Its good to have this image of you ..So wonderful to go to the birthplace of something you have been working with for so long..Im sure there is much more to come.

    1. Good point Susan – for those who are not aware yoga was born in India – thus the special moment of my first yoga practice here. And it was quite incredible. It was the most meditative yoga practice I’ve had in a long time. It has been a very physical exercise for me lately. This was more of a mental exercise – an exercise of calming the mind and just being present in the current.

  2. I’m happy to hear you’ve arrived safely in my second home. Thanks for the post Josh

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