I Love My Customers

I resigned from my post as VP Service Delivery from Symplified a few weeks ago. I have been connecting with my customers this week, letting them know that my last day with the company is Tuesday, June 5. I have had some great connections around it. I feel so fortunate to have so many great customers. Some that I’ve had as my customer for over four years. Four years of building technology and finding solutions to meet their needs. Four years of talking about family, weddings, and kids. Four years of being able to depend on each other and create together.

It’s been bitter-sweet. Bitter to say goodbye, and sweet to know that some of these relationships are bigger than the bond forged in the context of me at Symplified and them at company X. Many wishes that this goodbye is not the last time we will work together or be in touch.

Since I submitted my resignation, which Symplified graciously accepted so that I could leave on good terms, I have done a lot of reflecting on how I built a customer engagement model that allows for the kinds of connections that I, and the entire Service Delivery team, have been able to forge. Not only did it create the context for such great relationship building, it created excellent references, and a lot of customer expansion in product use (and dollars spent). What did we do, what was the underlying model, and how was that applied into everyday action?

In my inquiry, I discovered the underlying model and the methodology and began to map it. I have since talked to a handful of others about it. It resonates well, is easily digestible at a high level, and has led to a lot of insight for me, and the others I talk to. I am going to start a new blog series titled “Customer Engagement: An Aristotelian View”, as one of the tenets of the model was originally developed by Aristotle. I’ll introduce it on my next post.

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