Hitchhiker Diaries Episode 4 – That Bear Ate My Peanut Butter

Picked up a group of 3 hitchhikers on my way down the canyon from Nederland to Boulder on Monday. A larger-set woman with uniform length blonde hair to her neck got in the front seat and a small-framed man and a large black man jumped in the back seat. The woman immediately started talking. It was obvious who was in charge. She introduced the smaller guy as her boyfriend and the black man introduced himself jokingly as their bodyguard. They have been camping together and teaming up for a while now. Camping between Nederland and Ward.

They were on their way down to Boulder to take a shower and get some food at the Carriage House, which is a homeless resource in Boulder. They had said that the last 3 jars of peanut butter they had have been eaten by a mama bear and cub. The last time they came to their camp the mama and cub were still there, eating the peanut butter. They were also trying to figure out how they could keep their new stash of food safe from the bears. They have no car to put food in while they are gone, and the plastic container in the tent that they have been using is obviously not good enough.

The woman, who was debating taking a shower at her mom’s house out of fear of the line at the Carriage House, has made friends with a pair of does that come and eat at the flower bush near their site every morning. They all agreed that the peace of camping and being in nature all summer long was a great thing. They make friends with the car campers who come for weekends and the woman says she is the campground tour guide. She was excited that next month she is going to get her mom’s old Jeep, and then they’ll have a car, which will make their lives a lot easier.

Good luck with your next jar of peanut butter.

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  1. You might let them know if you see them again to use a rope to pull it up in the air using a tree limb.

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