Hitchhiker Diaries – Episode #3 – Dog Grooming in Boulder

Last week, I picked up a nice younger man (early twenties), who had a cute little white dog named Anubis, after the dog-headed Egyptian god of the underworld. I couldn’t remember what Anubis reigned over, so I asked the fellow, and instead of telling me Anubis is the god of the underworld, he told me the story of how Anubis is the god who weighs your heart versus the weight of a feather to determine your fate. Interesting that he chose to describe Anubis this way, rather than say “the god of the underworld”. That tells me that he thinks in stories and details rather than classifications, which I like.

He used to live in LA, then Denver area, and is a dog groomer. We talked about the difference in dog grooming clientele between Denver and Boulder. He said  that in Denver people would book their next appointment when they pick their dog up from their current appointment. In Boulder, people rarely do that, preferring instead to call when their dog needs their next groom. He also said that in Boulder, 75% of his clientele are young people – college age or a few years above. There are very few seniors who groom dogs in Boulder. Which is very different from Denver, where the ratio is much higher elders and seniors.

On the appointment thing, his theory is that Denver people have more regimented lives and are busier, so make their appointments ahead of time, and that Boulder people are less busy, go-with-the-flow, and have the luxury to make appointments when needed. We didn’t get the opportunity to talk about the age ratio difference.

I picked him up two days later as well – his dog was hiding in his backpack, which he says he needs to do because some folks won’t give him a ride because of the dog.

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