Connection through Blogging

Up until yesterday morning, I had been writing this blog mostly in a vacuum. There were two other people who knew about it – my wife and my friend Susan, who was a catalyst in me finally starting a blog (more info on my first blog post if you are interested). Yesterday morning I sent an email out to 50 or so family and friends. I’ve received some good feedback on how to say things (thanks Larry), some encouraging words, and some comments on what I had brought up.

I also had a thought provoking email from my friend Skip who I treasure that I have not seen in a few years. He said “I appreciate the connection with you i get through reading your posts”. I am quite pleased that I’ve found another good reason to blog – to stay connected to people that I know that I otherwise might loose connection with. It is easy to see how you can stay connected to me by reading my posts. Since connection is a two way street, me writing and you reading also keeps me connected to you, though not as directly. And if you are so inclined, post a comment or send me an email and my connection to you will be more direct.

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