Funny thing is, after I wrote my previous post Balance Asks for More Balance, where I state that I would rather work less and have stock options be worth less, I then worked one of the busiest weeks of my career. It all just came crushing down on me. Then, I participated in a 10-day men’s retreat, and came back very refreshed. I checked email almost every day and responded to the important ones, but especially toward the end, I really let a lot of work go.

I just came back this last Sunday (5 days ago). I have had another one of those work-like-it’s-all-you-do weeks. At the beginning I was feeling like “wow, it is so much work to catch up after being gone”. Yesterday, I realized this is how I operate and what I do. It is not just me catching up, I just went right back into the technology service delivery river like I was never gone. It was just kind of surreal for the first few days because it felt so different after having that time off.

How do I get balance? I can do one extreme or the other.

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