A blog first step

I don’t know exactly what to write, and I feel absolutely silly writing that I don’t know what to write. I mean, how cliche and trite is that? How cliche and trite is it that I even call it cliche and trite? So ridiculous, I was feeling about starting a blog. Then I had lunch with my friend Susan.

Susan is a great friend of over 10 years. She is twenty years my senior, that puts her over 60. The way we help each other is awesome. The way it usually goes is one of us has something that is bugging us, getting us down, or slowing down our mojo. The one who needs help, lets call them the Identified Patient (my friend and teacher Steven Young’s phrase), tells the other about their trials and tribulations. The other (lets call them the Helper), listens intently to what the other says. At some point the Helper gets some divine inspiration and starts to tell the Identified Patient the way that it is. This can be something the Identified Patient is not doing that they need to be doing, it can be mini-lesson on the way the universe works, anything about how it really is. I believe they call it “getting real” in the South.

Now to lunch. With Susan on Friday. At Leaf in Boulder (awesome restaurant). Most recently in our lunches, I had been the Identified Patient, needing help in my marriage, and she has been an insanely great Helper for me in that. But on Friday, it was her turn to be the Identified Patient. She was stuck. Her husband had been working for the last year, with her acting as housewife. She is a very active woman, and usually involved in many activities, some that earn income and some that don’t. But she has been really stuck for a while not doing much and can’t start anything. She has been waiting for the one thing that would grab her and she could then pour all her soul into it, like usual with the things she does. When she was finished with what happens in her around this, she asked “what do you think.”

I told her that right now it doesn’t matter what she does, she just has to do. That she can take the first step without having to commit to anything. That she needs to ask the universe / pray to God to find something worthy and rewarding, and then take action to find it. Not just wonder what it is and wait. I told her that if she would just do, then it would fuel her power of attraction and she could then create what she wants.

Since then I’ve realized that’s exactly what has prevented me from starting to write. So here it is. I am going to do. And see where it goes.

2 thoughts on “A blog first step

  1. Im susan,the friend that Josh is refering to..It was like that but the part he left out is that while he was imparting this channeled,devine wisdom,there was a halo around his head,like good back lighting in a movie studio or sitting with the sunset behind you in Italy,or like God decided to blow me away with the context so I could REALLY listen..And I did…

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